Pop the corks, it’s preview time!

Congratulations! You made it here! This is our “hidden” page on the website, which without the link – or “invite” as we like to say – you won’t be able to find…unless of course, you’re some sort of ace safe and code cracker, in which case…we should chat 😉

So, grab an imaginary drink, pick up a ridiculously small nibble from a non-existent tray, and have a browse. In all seriousness, we have decided to do things this way so that a limited number of “special” guests – i.e. those who have/are about to/have enquired specifically about being on one of the trips I organise get to see things first. Last year, we found everything for 2019 booked so fast, that people were coming in the middle of this year, and suddenly finding that there was nothing left. As such, this covert, nudge-nudge, wink-wink page will stay until the end of September, after which all the info’ will be released to all and sundry.

If you’ve made a specific enquiry, that space has been held regardless. However, we’d love it if you can now download  the form (one each per traveller unfortunately!), fill it out, and email it in. We won’t chase deposits, fear not, straightaway, but we will get you officially onto the system.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about these dedicated photo adventures for 2020! One last thing, you might be wondering “where’s the polar bear stuff?” Rest assured, it is coming. However, because that is governed by a third party in terms of guiding – rather just my personal photography – the logistics for 2020 are still being sorted out. I would imagine that we will have a definitive position on that by late December/early January. At present, Baffin is promising, as is a new trip to see fishing polar bears. My trips to Manitoba in the Autumn are not guaranteed yet, as workload on other projects means I may step out for a year – but we’ll sort all that in due course. Right…onto the main event! Simply click on any of the trip names below each trip to be able to view a pdf document detailing the itinerary…

Full year – 2020 

Tanzania:Predators & Prey; Group size 6; 27 February – 10 March 

Yellowstone & The Tetons in Spring (USA); Group size 6; 25 May – 7 June

Adventures in the Amazon (Brazil); Group size 6; 1-12 July

Grizzlies of the Nakina (Canada); Group size 8; 30 July – 7 August and 6 – 14 August

Chobe Explorer (Botswana); Group size 6; 25 August – 2 September

Botswana: Of Legends and Giants; Group size 6; 3 – 12 September

Zambia: Into the Valley; Group size 6; 13-21 September 

Paradise in the Pantanal (Brazil); Group size 6; 10-21 September & 21 September – 1 October

In-depth Zimbabwe; Group size 4; 23 September – 2 October

The Magic of Mana; Group size 4; 2-10 October

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