Photo tuition

“Andy’s understanding of why you take the image, not just how, is second to none and the mark of a true professional”

So, you have the camera, you’ve got the bag to carry it and you’re digesting the pages of every wildlife-related holiday brochure that you can feast your eyes on. Now, all that remains to do is to take that sophisticated piece of kit and make it your friend…something in which you will have complete confidence and trust to record what you see….and how you see it._W2R9121 (1)

This is where I aim to help. By structuring a day that will suit you and the photography you seek to embrace going forward, we’ll aim to improve your level of technique, understanding and reactions so that on that next opportunity, you will get far more “YES!” in the viewfinder!

Are YOU safari-ready?!

Perhaps you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You’ve been taking wildlife photos for years as a hobby and want to get some fresh perspectives on your work and how you can potentially sharpen your techniques?
  • You’ve been bought (lucky you!), or have purchased for yourself a DSLR and appropriate lenses, and now want to get out and about and test your abilities as a wildlife photographer. Maybe you want to increase your chances of getting published, winning a competition or simply having all those who come to your house say “WOW!” every time you show them an image?!
  • You have a friend or family member that you know is super-keen to improve, start or simply get more enjoyment from their wildlife photography.
  • You don’t want to spend as much time looking at the back of your camera and saying to yourself, “Darn it…..missed again”! (of course, you can substitute the words “Darnit….” with your own version 😉
  • You have decided that this year is the time for that wildlife holiday experience you have always promised yourself, and you are determined to have the images to prove it when you return.
  • You just want to be more confident using the equipment you possess.

What will we cover?

The most important thing to me is that we set out a realistic set of goals to work towards. It is key that you will end the day having improved your techniques and broadened your approach to taking images. To that end, we’ll have a chat first before you sign up to make sure your time will be well-spent. Many people opt for more than one session, and this does allow a programme to be developed for you. If you have a specific set of goals in mind, I will structure a set of days that will enable


The total price for a group of up to four people, the following rates are applicable as of 1 Jan 2020*.

1 day: GBP 385

2 days: GBP 695**

3 days: GBP 895**

*travel at cost, and possible entrance fees depending on agreed location may be added. Subsequent days are to be taken within a 12 month period.

**please note, multiple day bookings must be attended by the same person/group and are non-transferable. For details on rates for longer multiple days courses (up to 10), then please enquire via

What will we do?

We will arrange to meet in a location so we can have hands-on field photography, coupled with some sit-down discussion too. Our meeting place will be determined by your location, but may involve a wildlife centre, zoological garden, or park or similar. Weather is not an obstacle…you will often find yourself taking pictures in difficult climates, so why not get used to it when you practice? I will speak to you – and your group – before the day to get a feel for your aims and ambitions for the day, and then tailor our activities to suit. Above all, whilst we are there to improve your overall technique and introduce some new ideas, I also ensure the day is good fun too. After all, this is your hobby and enjoying it should be the first priority! Following your day, I will issue you some follow-up notes and refreshers, based on what we did and what you can focus on (no pun there!). At the end of your session(s), I will also be available for critiquing your photos on your next trip as part of the package if you would like it. This would be done remotely, or in person if timetables permit!

Larger groups and evening sessions

I am always happy to accommodate a club group, but like to discuss the group size first simply so I can dedicate enough time to each person individually. Please enquire for more details. Another option that you or your group might wish to consider is an evening get-together, perhaps at a club-night? This is separate to the talks programme (which is largely anecdotal), and will be based around discussing methods and approaches behind image selection and preparation. For me, the large part of image-taking is in the head first…you need to SEE or ANTICIPATE the image before you can take it…and I dedicate a lot of time to getting this mindset across. An evening session lasts for up to 2 hours, and is unlimited in terms of number. Rates are GBP 395 for the evening for the entire group and many find this especially rewarding when they have a number of members or colleagues about to embark on wildlife adventures.

“if I only retain some of what you said, I’ll be a much better photographer”

What do I do next?

Drop me an email, message me on facebook or give me a call. I have set periods in the year in between trips when I will be able to run days, and they get booked up pretty quickly. As a rough guide, I manage to get between 10-12 days in a year, so the sooner you enquire, the easier it will be to find a convenient date.