About the galleries

Thanks for taking the time to drop in to this page, and I don’t want to hold you up too much before you look at the images of course (nor indeed, bore you with technical stuff if you’ve been to the galleries already and are looking now for some more technical info!) Here though, I just wanted to give you a general idea on how the limited edition process works.

So, what we have on the website are a selection of the current range of images that have been selected as limited editions that are available. Remember these are low resolution images and are there to serve as a guide…the reality is far better of course! If you’re not new to the site, you will see some of your favourite images perhaps have gone, and this is because they are now out of print. Each run is strictly managed to either 10, 15 or 25 (depending on image), and for some an “artist proof” is sometimes available. Once a run is finished, it is no longer on display, and once an artist-proof is purchased too then the reality is that it will not appear in an exhibition again either (unless by special arrangement with owners). All these images are exclusively for this purpose and you will not “bump” into them anywhere else other than on a wall. With such short runs, all my limited editions become very collectable. The only rights I retain are to publish them in a book of my own (not a third party).

Size and finish 

Sizes are pre-determined and are designed to be consistent throughout the entire run. This is because the image has been chosen to be displayed at its most optimal. However, in some circumstances, it may be possible to provide a smaller or larger version if required but this will be on a case by case basis. As a guide, smaller images are not lower-priced as all the cost has been invested in obtaining the image in the first place. Larger versions may require a slight uplift in the cost purely from a production standpoint. The image will still count as part of the normal run of course and be numbered accordingly.

Another question usually asked is if the image can be supplied unframed. This is sometimes possible when shipping, and we can re-quote you for the print only. Please be advised though, that as with the sizing and finish, the framing and mounting has been specifically hand-built and designed for that particular image, to show it at its most optimal. In terms of cost remember that, again, it is the artwork that carries the vast majority of the cost.

Giclee printing: Using the finest quality, archival museum papers and custom-built frames, giclee is the most popular form for the majority of photographs. All my imaging is produced bespoke to me by Genesis Imaging in London – one of the best (if not the best) photographic service printers and graphics companies in the UK. All framed images are either:

a. framed to the edge: where the image butts right up against the outside (no surround/border/mount)

b. deckle edged and floated: here a border surrounds the image, and the edge of the paper is given a rough texture (the “deckle”). These are then “floated” (which means they have spacers behind the image, so they stand out from the backing of the frame) and are therefore mid-way between the backboard and the glass (museum quality) on the front. This floated image has a gap all the way around the outside before you hit the frame itself. It’s a spectacular way to display a photograph (or any work of art!) and is used on certain images. In general, the frames are thick and heavy and will add around 4-5 inches of size (because of the gap between image and frame) to each picture as a guide.

c. giclee or lambda on dibond: This is a rigid backing that supports the image and possesses a frame on the back to allow easy hanging and also for the image to “float” from the wall or surface. These images are not-framed, but are large-sized (usually), stand-alone pieces. Lambda or giclee printing is used depending on the image, with the former providing a slightly more matte finish.

d. fabric mounted: this is the most expensive form of mounting, but has a truly special appearance. The image is surrounded by a raised, two-inch fabric (linen) mount and then around that, a thick bespoke wooden frame is positioned. This is a costly process, but sets off an image perfectly and is a favourite of mine to use (and it seems from those that purchase!)

Chromaluxe images: These are not framed, nor are they able to be! This is unique finish used on only certain images that gives a high definition, high vibrancy result that will last forever. It is a fantastic process, and one which I use for certain images if they contain enough “light” within them. The finish is on a specially treated aluminium, and is super lightweight. These are truly fantastic pieces for the wall…both inside and outside. Indeed, one of my largest rests on a balcony in Dubai…in 365 day direct sunlight! For more information and an idea of what they look like, take a look at https://www.chromaluxe.eu .

Availability and pricing

Every run is strictly controlled to the number quoted on the page and this is externally audited. All images come with a certificate, and also a print-out of the story behind how the image was taken. For me, the provenance of the image is greatly enhanced this way, and it brings the whole scene to life in a way a painting can perhaps struggle to achieve.

A certain percentage each of each image run can be sold directly by myself and you can order and enquire in that way. This is the most cost-effective way to purchase, but usually only a limited number of each run is available that way. Those images that are sold by galleries, incur gallery commission on top. Overall market pricing is generally set by galleries, and as such please enquire as to the latest price-list for the images on the site. Not all images go through external galleries and as such in those instances, 100% of the run is available directly from myself.

In general terms, it takes around six weeks to produce an image from a new order (if not in stock), and there will be a delivery charge if it is not able to be collected. For overseas purchasers, we can arrange international shipping but please be aware that any customs duty is the responsibility of the purchaser.

One last thing; a percentage of each image sold is donated to the charities I support, and on occasion individual pieces will be donated in their entirety for sale by auction with 100% of the proceeds going to good causes. Every image that is sold, therefore, makes a difference to these front-line conversation-driven workers. On their behalf, I thank you.