About our Safaris…

“We have travelled both with Andy, and on one of his other group trips too, and both times the photo experience has been second to none”

One of the most exciting parts of nature photography is the necessity to travel to wonderful, natural locations. With that in mind, we organise tours to some fantastic places in search of life-changing photographic possibilities!

My ethos for organising any photographic adventure is simple: it must be a dedicated, completely focused experience, and not one that is simply claiming to be. I want you to get the best possible opportunity for securing that “once in a lifetime” shot, as well as have a great holiday at the same time!

Having spent much of my life photographing overseas, I got very disillusioned with how I saw photographic groups being organised. It seemed to me that many – not all – photographers had little or no experience of the location they were leading in (how therefore can they predict the movements and behaviour of the species in front of you?!); they were staying in non-optimal locations (perhaps an hour from a park gate, for example, as opposed to directly in the heart of the action); and it seemed that for many the only time these photographers were actually travelling overseas was when they were leading trips….not on their own work; as such, guests were simply subsidising holidays and shoots and getting very little in return.

For me, this was not how it is meant to be. I decided therefore to essentially set out a blueprint for how a trip should work, geared around:

  • location,
  • timing,
  • space to work,
  • advice/tuition, (either during or before) and
  • excellent on-ground guides and trackers who understand what it’s like to work with a pain in the ar$e like me :-).

I hope that many that have already travelled with me in the last few years – either on a group with me, with one of my peers or on a trip we’ve organised for you, will testify to that fact. I guess that clients from four continents probably attest to that.

I have also set out to be as visible as possible too. Although projects dictate that I’m often out of the country, when in the UK I will always endeavour to be available to answer any queries or questions.

For me, personal contact is critical! Anyone can be “big” on the internet…but when it comes to being in front of the customer and building a relationship, then personal contact and trust is key. I’ve never been one to chase a million “followers” in the digital space, but I do ensure that I am there to be seen throughout the year as much as possible through exhibition stands and in the 10 or so talks that I give around the country each year.

Types of Photo Adventure:

These fall into three main categories:

Guided Groups: these are photographer led by either myself or one of my hand-picked team, all of whom are true professionals and guide for me as just a small part of what they normally do photographically. We are photographers first, tour-guides a very distant second! You can read about my partnership with Danny Crous, for example, for future African trips here   .

Unguided Groups/Tailor-made: For some locations, we are able to offer the same experience for groups of up to 4 people (perhaps friends? Family?) but without the need for an out-and-out photographer in tow. The guides and trackers we will utilise on the ground are identical to those in the “Guided Groups” and the only difference is the “photographer” is absent. We are not a major travel company, and we are not going to be offering 100 different destinations and 1,000 departure dates. Instead, you can tap into a few decades of photographic experience and use us to put you in the right place at the right time to those locations where I have worked extensively. For a handful of examples and locations are all on the TAILOR-MADE SAFARISpage.

Private-guide: For the unguided groups or tailor-made options, the possibility of either requesting myself as an accompanying private photographic guide, or one of my peers who have extensive knowledge of guiding groups and individuals globally for many years, is a possibility. There is an additional cost for this service, but for that dedicated, bespoke approach this is the best option. From planning each step of your trip in consultation with you and with your aims in mind, to managing the trip on the ground on a daily basis, effecting changes where necessary and always maximising your opportunities.


Basic Principles

  • By limiting group sizes you get plenty of space to work, and where appropriate, 1-2-1 guidance.
  • These locations have been worked by me for many years before taking you. As such, there is no photographer pushing to the front to get their images first!
  • You will spend longer in the field, watching, waiting, photographing and observing…and basically revelling in the environment!
  • You stay in the best location for the experience; at times this might cost a bit more; at others it might be not completely 5 star….but, rather than have you waste time “commuting” to the action, I put you where it happens and maximise your time.
  • You don’t go in the cheaper “shoulder” seasons…when the photography is non-optimal. You are in the right place, at the right time.
  • You tend to stay longer than most comparable trips. Essentially, you go when I would go myself if travelling on a shoot. Yes, this may cost more, but ask yourself…is it quality or cost that matters most?
  • You don’t need to be a photographer to have a great trip…but you will benefit from being around people who want to experience nature at an unhurried, expertly guided pace. There’s none of this rattling around 5 venues in 7 days on my trips! Instead we take time to concentrate on areas and do them well. That is how photography works.

Click HERE to view the group guided and exploration trips planned for the next couple of years. This page is updated regularly. Click HERE for learning more about TAILOR-MADE options.