Public speaking

“An exceptional presentation, superb images &
remarkable and hilarious tales of what it takes to get them, fantastic!

The Royal Automobile Club

Discussing some of my experiences, adventures, assignments and techniques is one of the most rewarding parts of the role and I thoroughly enjoy talking things through with a group, large or small. All talks are tailored specifically to the audience and the time-slot and format of your choosing, and can range from species-specific to technical, purely experiential, motivational and even educational in a workshop format. Above all….I pride myself on making sure they are always thought provoking and entertaining! I have a long list of testimonials that I can provide, some of the quotes from which are included on the page here.

There are a number of “types” of group, but they fall broadly into the following main categories:

  • Camera clubs, associations, wildlife and animal charities, colleges: these are predominantly conducted in the South East, or within a maximum of two hours drive from London. It is possible to do talks further afield, however, so please enquire.

“worth the annual membership fee alone”

Wallington Photographic Society

  • Workshops: again, mainly within the South East of the UK, although some overseas safaris will also effectively double as workshops since I am there to assist throughout. These are different to the one-to-one or small group tuition, and are geared as either a whole day or an evening/afternoon and can be conducted nationally for a group, an association or on behalf of a major organization such as National Geographic. In the case of the latter, all workshop fees are paid directly to the organizer.

“the highlight of the entire day: we have been inundated with the feedback from your inspirational talk”

National Geographic Traveller Magazine

  • After dinner and corporate speaking: conducted nationally and internationally and tailored specifically to the corporation. These can be motivational and inspirational talks at business functions either as day-time speeches at conferences, or in an after-dinner format. My experiences of photographing the world’s most iconic species, on foot and at close quarters, tend to make for some highly exciting anecdotes and provide a different perspective on life whilst at the same time giving a fulfilling and entertaining time for all those present. Sometimes the jokes may not be the best you’ve heard! but I can guarantee that you’ll be completely immersed in my world for a given period and get to know what escapism really feels like! When you’ve stared down a charging polar bear at 10 metres, you can deal with most audiences!

“my best night as a chairman of this society: inspirational,entertaining and wholly professional”

Richmond and Twickenham Photographic Society 

Book ‘em Danno!

The number of talks I give within a year of all types is limited as a result of my main work….namely, taking photographs!…and hence the slots I have available tend to be booked up to 18 months in advance. It is also the case that many of the busiest times, such as Christmas and New Year, are booked longer than that.

If you would like to discuss the rates and options for your group or company, then simply contact me via email and I will get back to you as soon as is practicably possible. Working with animals is never dull, so let a bit of the wild into your lives and take a journey like you’ve never taken before…

“when you didn’t have the audience in stitches, you could hear a pin drop as they hung on every word; a masterpiece of after-dinner speaking, thank you!”

Kynaston Associates