“Have you got a….”

You would be amazed – or perhaps not – at the number of times I get asked this question, and the answer, I am pleased to say, is invariably “yes”.

Over two decades of photographing wildlife have provided me with an extensive library of images and video that I have retained for the sole purpose of providing “one-off” originals to people seeking a specific style, expression, animal or bird. This is, actually, by far the most “in-demand” service for discerning art lovers.

This service differs to the limited editions available here through the website, in that I work with you to understand exactly the type of image you are after. Many times this will be already be available, but in certain situations an image – or sequence of images – can be commissioned from one of my upcoming expeditions.

So…if you are…

  • Seeking an exclusive image, an imaginative triptych, or a focused collection
  • Someone looking to secure a gift for special anniversary or celebration
  • Seeking to inspire staff and visitors alike with some breathtaking imagery in your office, reception or lobby
  • A company or individual wishing to use some images in your marketing or branding
  • Looking for specialist video for documentary purposes, or corporate promotions

…then this is the option for you.

Purchasing an image in this way means you become the sole owner. I will work with you to understand what you are trying to convey, and how, and then once that is all worked out I will supply you with some potential images to choose from.

Defiance – commissioned by a private collector

When we find one you like, we will discuss the size, style and finish that will suit you and the location and show off the image to its best ability. And then…well…that’s that! We will get the image produced and delivered, certified and handed over. You will be the sole owner of a completely unique, original artwork. This will not be a limited edition, and nor will it be used in any other media.

This is the equivalent of a purchase of an original painting, and is the apex of wildlife photography ownership.

For more information and to discuss your project, contact me directly.