About Me

Welcome to the site!

I have been travelling and photographing wildlife for as long as I can remember, following my introduction to the art form through a flashbulb-laden, Kodak Instamatic back when I was about seven years old, beginning a life-long love affair with all aspects of the natural world. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to visit some of the world’s most incredible wildlife locations, and witness some of nature’s greatest spectacles, species and behaviour, and it is this fantastic and incredible world that I want to share with you.

Throughout my professional career, I have been travelling globally on assignment for the world’s leading photographic associations and agencies and have been awarded internationally for his work. I still travel extensively, and will be on location for anything up to six months per year in a variety of locations from the High Arctic to the tip of Southern Africa or America.

My unique take on the animal kingdom has always been to take my photos on foot, even if that means standing down a polar bear on the sea ice at 10 metres. It is this type of encounter that enables me to connect you, the viewer, with the real soul of the subject, and one that makes my work so sought after. To this end, my work is used and published globally in all forms of media and I remain a regular feature writer for some of the world’s leading publications.

I also undertake tuition days and workshops and leads budding wildlife photographers on exclusive guided tours to some of the locations where I have worked for the last two decades. Indeed, the decision to create Fauna Vista as a company rather than just have me as an individual photographer, was to ensure the right levels of protection and guarantee for all those who come and join me on some spectacular adventures. All my trips are geared to give you a genuine photographic experience, not just be labelled as such. These are small groups with the maximum amount of time possible spent on location, and not commuting from some distant lodge or accommodation located outside the main area of action.

When it comes to photo-leading, I’m also proud to be a member of a truly exclusive club, being one of only a handful of photographers worldwide, to lead photographic safaris to track polar bears on foot in the sub-arctic and high arctic.

Limited editions

With the photographs, some of my most special images, are not submitted to the usual media channels. Instead, all the rights are retained by me for the sole purpose of providing a special photographic encounter and window on the wild through the wall of your office, home or wherever you see fit! With limited numbers of just 10 to 25 (depending on image), the samples you see in the galleries on this site are highly collectable pieces of certified, limited edition art, produced to exacting standards by arguably the best photo-imaging company in the UK, Genesis Imaging. These pictures have taken me months – and even years – to obtain and only exist in this format. As such the only way to see them will be at an art show, a gallery exhibition or on your own wall; once the last one has gone, then it has gone from public view forever. The exclusive nature of such editions means my work adorns the walls of collectors worldwide, from mansions to apartments, and at any one time only around 30 different pictures are available.

Post processing…

Ugh! I hate it. As such, apart from de-saturating to black and white, minor “darkroom” changes (akin to what we would have done in the days of slide and film) and the occasional addition of a sepia tone, I make little or no change to the image I capture. I want you to connect with the real world, not some idealised, ridiculously over-saturated image that requires more in the way of software engineering than photographic ability. The manufacturing of photographs should not be the way the natural world is presented, and I will always maintain that principle. What you see is what I saw. We are fully in the hands of the subject, and not the other way round, and it is that which makes the discipline so fantastically addictive. Wildlife photography offers no guarantees. We, the shutter-pressers, could spend a month in the field, waiting for the split second where a specific animal enters the scene or activity can be recorded…and yet return with a memory card devoid of anything useful.

Such are our challenges…but such are our rewards.

Enjoy the galleries, and keep in touch. You can sign up to receive regular updates of where I’ve been and where I’m going, or if you have a group or class that you think would enjoy an entertaining evening of wildlife photography discussion and images, then feel free to get in touch.


a proportion of all our profits go to support conservation projects in the wild