2023…some final places

It seems a bit weird to already being saying “a few final places” but, well, we’ve lived through some bizarre times in the last 24 months and nothing seems quite normal.

Next year, we have a limited number of spaces on a very few trips available, all of which are going to be guided by myself. My programme in 2023 enables me to work around the commitments I had, and as such – like it or lump it – I will be on hand to put you through your paces and show you some remarkable wildlife. I will be guiding all the trips in 2023 with the exception of our “Paradise in the Pantanal” adventure – more details on that trip will be released in late May.

In 2024 onwards, the number of trips will drop considerably of course, as has always been stated, but I will maintain a couple of “expedition” type adventures for those willing to accompany me to some amazing places. More on those as they become available. In the meantime, if you want to get one final go at putting me on the spot in the field, then grab one of the remaining slots for next year. You will see that from the 2023 Guided Trips page, that most are indeed full. However, we do have the following open…please enquire for more details:

Congo: the dark heart Safari – group size 4; spaces 1 (possibly 2)

At present we have one female share space (or possibly 2) on one trip. I will already be in country (and will have been for a few weeks in the region, shall we say ;-)) and meet you in camp. This trip includes three gorilla treks to see the lowland gorillas (you will be in a group of no more than 5 people…a researcher, a tracker and 2 guests and possibly me!) and it is certainly a life-affirming experience. If you’ve seen mountain gorillas, then to see the western lowland is a completely different experience. Non-commercial, uncrowded, no big groups or “fly-ins” – these are the jungles of Tarzan at their best. We will also spend time looking for and finding the likes of forest elephant, forest buffalo and others across two further camps and a Bai-system and spend as much time as we can out in the field and forest – whether that be capturing butterflies massing on a stream, or facing flocks of green pigeons as they circle above us. The options are endless. I do have an option for a second departure on this one – but that would require at least 4 more people to sign up and time is a little against us on that. If you have a group of 4 though – let me know and I will try and make it happen for you. It’s not cheap, it’s not easy….but is it worth it? oh yes….I can always put you in touch with people that travelled this year with me to experience this Eden to give you their opinion.

Arviat: polar bears up close and personal – group size 6; one trip full; one trip – 4 spaces

I will be having two back-to-back departures to this remote set of cabins on the Nunavut coast (just over the border from Manitoba) in October and November next year. With room for just 6 guests, this is a fantastic opportunity to get some ground-level photography done with polar bears, arctic fox, arctic hare, ptarmigan and even lemming! With an unobtrusive, 6-wire electric fence as our protection, it is possible to shoot the bears from around 10 metres away as they approach camp with great curiosity. This is a remote experience…the cabins are warm, you have showers and basic toilets, and the food and atmosphere is incredible. There is nothing sanitised about this….but at the same time, you will be comfortable and safe and exposed to some of the most dramatic terrain on the Hudson Bay coastline. If you want to take an incredible polar bear adventure, then drop me a line. The trip includes 5 nights in the cabins and a night at each end of the trip in Winnipeg. All transport from Winnipeg to Churchill and then in our charter ‘plane to the camp is included. If you want to get an idea of what it can be like…then check out this link to my time at the cabins in Oct/Nov last year.

In-depth Zimbabwe: group size 4; spaces 2

Incorporating a remote bush camp in Hwange National Park for 3 nights and then a further six in Mana Pools, this is truly a special Zimbabwean adventure. Famous for dogs, elephants and lions amongst others, both venues offer spectacular photographic opportunities – many of which we will be able to undertake on foot for some close, unique encounters. These parks are amongst my favourites in Africa, and I have always greatly enjoyed my time there. Whilst this year, workload stops me from getting there to lead any of the five departures we have, I will be able to make it for one last time in 2023 to escort a group of four through these magical landscapes. If you’d like more info and to get on board, drop me a line. This is remote Southern Africa at its finest…

Ok, so not an exhaustive amount of spaces I’m afraid…and probably the last ones on group departures for some time. If you’d like to get onto one of the trips, do please reach out. I may not be able to reply immediately, but I do always deal with enquiries in date-order. Details on other trips next year are on the Guided Safaris 2023 page…and there are wait-lists available for any of those currently on there (as there are for 2022 as well).