Bespoke photographic adventures

Not everyone wants or needs a photographer on their holiday and might not want to travel in a small group. As such, for those wanting to “go it alone” (and by “alone” I mean that you can of course be a single, couple, threesome or group of four), we make available some of the special places that I have worked in so that you can go and experience things the way I do them. We advise the timings and dates, and then you capitalise on our knowledge of the area and places to go – and the contacts you’ll need – to ensure you get the experience you’re after. You choose the budget and the duration and we make the rest happen. If we can’t do what you want for the budget you have, again, we’ll simply refer you elsewhere. It’s all about the links…

The process…

  1. You have a photographic ambition of a species, set of circumstances or location you want to photograph
  2. You drop me an email
  3. I laugh hysterically at what you want to achieve (not really!), make the appropriate suggestions on timings and logistics and send back to you
  4. You agree…and let me know; I contact my people on the ground…get the quote directly (no annoying agents in the way…) and get that to you
  5. You agree…again…and I confirm everything with the lodges, camps and guides
  6. You’re all set….whether it be snow leopards, red pandas, snow geese, polar or grizzly bears, cheetahs, gorillas, chimps or, well anything else I work with, the adventure is mapped out and ready

The principle…

I loathe and detest the way the word “bespoke” has been taken by the travel industry and the real meaning basically forgotten. For many companies, “bespoke” is simply another way of putting you in the same place as they do everyone else, or even where a standard group outing would be sent anyway…but in a more expensive package. Ultimately as well, in some places, you simply have 50 companies all booking the same bed nights in the same lodges….it’s simply their pitch to you that differs. The wildlife experience you get on the ground will still be the same.

I don’t think it should be done that way…

For me, I want you to have a wildlife experience – be it photographically or simply from an observational – point of view that ticks ALL YOUR BOXES.

Experience. Delivered.

There are hundreds of these companies out there, so why choose me? Well, firstly, every photo you see promoting a destination has been taken by me personally. You will go where I go, see what I see in a way that I would approach a shoot. We have no “5 minute” experts trying to tell you that “the best lodge you have to stay is….” because they’ve read it somewhere, or met someone at a trade show. This is about recycling well over 25 years of photography experience and travel and putting a long-established network, and one in which I am known, at your disposal. The core part of your trip is where we start: the main wildlife experience, but of course we can then build in a few bits around the side to make it into an entire holiday or adventure.

Where we operate…

As I say, we’re not going to waste your time on places we don’t know. Everywhere you go is known to me personally, at first hand, and therefore a place I have photographed in. That is key with us: we don’t just visit a lodge for a day, say “oooh…this is nice, we’ll put it on our itinerary”.

We know the places and the people and, more importantly, the experience you can get. Below are some of the main places we are uniquely offering, but many more are available. Please enquire if there is something else you’re after that’s not on this list. If I don’t know the area, and I have not worked there myself, I will simply say “no”. This is about a quality experience…not racking up numbers! This is a service for photographers, by photographers. It lets you in, it points you in the right direction and it allows you to make use of the rates and access we have. The pictures? well…they’re up to you 😉

You will have a full briefing before your adventure from me, and where appropriate, a day’s tuition/refresher course thrown in. The guides will know why you’re there, and what you’re after.


A small sample of recent bespoke trips have included the following. This is but a small sample of what I have been able to make happen…

The Pumas of Patagonia: (Chile)

Suggested group size: 1-4

Suggested dates: Feb-April

Suggested duration: 5-10 days in the “puma zone”.

Info: accessing puma locations on private ranch land (so no national park restrictions), using skilled trackers who are part of the ongoing research programme in the region. Pumas are located in the morning, and you are guided in. The opportunities to work alone in this environment, away from the crowds of wildlife tourists hoping for a minibus-based shot of a big cat makes it a truly special experience as you approach pumas on foot. Privately guided (english speaking) and comfortable homely accommodation. Options to view condors flying from eye level also as part of this trip on private land where we have access.

The Great Migration: crossing season (Tanzania)

Suggested group size: 1-2 (although we can arrange for up to 6)

Suggested dates: 20 July through 30 September

Suggested duration: 7 – 10 days

Info: Stay where I do…in the Lamai Wedge of the northern Serengeti, where there are only 2 camps and as such far fewer vehicles. Access to 10 of the 13 major Mara river crossing points, as well as excellent predator action in the plains beyond the camp and up to the border of Kenya. We have the right to cross into Mara North if we wish too. Hyena dens and black rhino are often seen, as are large buffalo herds and excellent elephant activity. But come for the crossings. We guarantee you a PRIVATE VEHICLE at no extra charge, regardless of group size. This is the ONLY way to see the Serengeti wildebeest…and a life changing event for those that do.

The Great Migration: calving season (Tanzania)

Suggested group size: 1-2 (although we can arrange for up to 6)

Suggested dates: 20 Feb to 30 April

Suggested duration: 7 – 10 days

Info: When the crowds descend on Ndutu and its ever-growing army of mobile camps, defect further south to the woodlands and plains of the greater conservation area where the groups fear to tread. This is incredible country, and I will photograph here from two separate locations – one that gives excellent wild dog chances (and the possibility therefore of them catching newborn calves) as well as cheetah action, whilst the other does well for excellent lions. The calm is only shattered by the herds – not the vehicles – as nearly 2m. animals gather and around 200,000 calves are born in a short period. The imagery you can capture as a result is truly stunning.

The Lords of Liuwa (Zambia)

Suggested group size: 1-4

Suggested dates: 20 October – 30 November

Suggested duration: 7 days

Info: If you look for the video on this site under “Presentations”, you will see just how spectacular this part of Zambia is. Endless flat plains, punctuated by occasional gullies and small islands of trees make this an unique landscape in a country more commonly associated with bushveld. With a growing, photogenic lion pride, and a collection of cheetah families, Liuwa Plain would be a spectacular enough. However, the hyenas are the Lords of this domain – operating in clans of up to 50 in size, and remaining the dominant predator. Indeed, they are soon to be the star of a new series of Dynasties when it comes to air…such is the ability to record their behaviour here. If you want isolation (it’s seldom visited, and a safari away from the crowds), an excellent lodge, and the best hyena photography on earth, then this is for you. We send you in October/November when the onset of rains brings Africa’s second largest wildebeest migration onto the plains as columns of Gnus make their way into the area to graze…and the predators all kick into action. For hyena hunting and action…there is no better place.

Ice bears of the Yukon (Canada)

Suggested group size: 1-2 (max 4, but rarely are 4 slots available)

Suggested dates: October – November

Suggested duration: Set dates – 7-8 days in camp

Info: Super-remote, this is one of the most iconic grizzly bear experiences you can have. Forget people – there will be only a maximum of 4 of you staying 2.5 hours helicopter ride from the nearest town…in a beautiful part of the Yukon. The bears here are spectacular, and if you get the timing right, then you will get to witness these bears close up (and I mean “close”!) and covered with ice. Yes, these are the bears immortalised in literature – and most recently by the BBC in an article I did for them a couple of years ago. As the temperatures fall, these guys continue to fish…and as wet fur hits -25 centigrade air temperature…the great bear freeze-up starts. Even if you don’t see this, as a location there are few – if any – better to get some exquisite grizzly photography, all in the company of cameraman Phil Timpany. An epic experience, and one where we can squeeze you in. With just a few weeks each year, and only 4 slots on each set of dates, then you really have to think ahead for this one.

An elephant-fest

Suggested group size: 1-2 (max 4)

Suggested dates: October

Suggested duration: 3-4 days in camp

Info: Head to a fantastically remote part of Tarangire National Park for elephant encounters like no other. A beautifully scenic, late-afternoon illuminated-lake that no other vehicles head for. It’s our little secret! and one from which I’ve sat and recorded countless elephants coming to and from in the mid-late afternoon, often accompanied by buffalo, zebra, impala and giraffe. This is an epic setting that concludes as you spin 180 degrees and watch one of the most spectacular sunsets on the continent. Interested? contact me and I’ll ping you a couple of pics to show you…

Cheetah heaven

Suggested group size: 1-2 (max 4)

Suggested dates: March-May; Sept- Oct

Suggested duration:5-8days in camp

Info: Head to an incredible part of the Eastern Serengeti, only recently re-opened, where your camp is far away from the madding crowds and gives you access to the fabled Namiri Plains…some of the best cheetah viewing on the planet. Options to stay out all day, take a lunch, locate cats and literally stick with them from dawn to dusk have made this a paradise for film-makers and pro photographers alike, and with leopard and lion also in the vicinity, the cat viewing can be spectacular year-round. My preferred months to work here are above, but enquire for more info.