Size matters…

Exit stage left…pursued by a bear

In all the time I’ve been supplying limited edition images, each has been produced to the size and finish that shows the picture at its most optimum, whether that be framed, floated, structured on dibond or using the high gloss impact of the chromaluxe process. As I’ve always maintained, each image has its own solution as there’s no one size fits all when it comes to a piece of art for the wall.

Over the years (and limited editions are now into their 15th), the trend has been for, on average, larger impact pieces and away from the smaller, compact sizes. Certainly, the larger the photographic canvas that one can work with, the options are certainly enhanced and when I am working on developing a new collection, my eye is constantly being drawn to creating a mood-changing larger sized piece. The intimacy of an expression is even more enhanced in a larger format, whilst also the larger areas to work with more contextual options too.

There’s also something inherently satisfying about having images that have the ability to be scaled up to such a degree.

Most of the images I’ve sold (in runs that are now completed or current) have tended to the larger end of the size spectrum, with only a few runs produced in 30 x 20 inch format or below. As such, to provide more options for larger walls going forward, I’ve taken the decision to phase out these smaller sizes from September onwards meaning that the smallest size in future will be 36 x 24 inches for the image (or larger if framed), and up to 72 x 48 at the largest end.

“I own a smaller piece…what does that mean?”

Well…if you own one of these in a current run, then you can be assured that a maximum of one more edition of your images will be sold (essentially, the one currently in stock). When that one has gone, then the run will be completed and terminated at that point regardless of where it sits! So, whereas you may have been on target to buy one of a run of 25, it may end up being one of a run of considerably less, increasing the value of your investment as a result. If you would like your certificate amended accordingly then we can organise that for you.

If you’ve been thinking about one of these images for some time, then now is the LAST chance to purchase it as once the stock copy has been sold, the run will be terminated at that point with the number of that final image being the final one.

I’ve listed the current available images that are affected by this move, along with their series number as this will now represent the last number in the run:


Image name: Genesis; No. 9

Image name: The Orchestra; No. 4



Image name: Reverence; No. 16

Image name: Coveted; No. 12:



Image name: Looks like Rain; no. 20



Image name: Timeless; no. 23

Image name: Midnight secrets; no. 8



Image name: The Sentinel; no. 24

To purchase the last image therefore in any of the above runs, simply contact me directly.

*There will remain one exception; that being “Modesty” which at a framed 24 x 20 inches was launched at Hampton Court this year and has sold number ‘1’ in the series so far. The full remainder of this run of 25 will continue to be sold, rather than terminated at the next sale.

Exceptions and exemptions

Whilst all the above have ongoing runs with pre-existing image sales that will now terminate with the final stock copy, there are three of the new images that were launched at Hampton Court Flower Festival in July this year, all in 30 x 20 format, that will be treated slightly differently.

At the time of writing, there have been no sales yet of each of these images and they sit in stock ready for their first home. As such, rather than terminate the image immediately, I have taken the once-only decision to still sell these particular smaller-sized versions as “one-offs” to clear them from stock. Each of these 4 images will then be re-released in their new larger sizes instead and as a new run of 25 in each case. These details will be updated on the website in October.

As such, each of the current 30 x 20 sizes in which they exist are the only time they will be seen in this size and format, before they are replaced with a bigger version, for each of these it will be possible to sell them with a slight discount on the normal sale price simply to clear the stock.

Each will still be certified as a 1 of 1 in that run, and the full background story will still be supplied as normal. The new images will start as runs of 25 once their new, larger size and format has been decided on.

So…this is a once-only chance to purchase a brand-new image, that will never be seen in that size again, as a true “one of a kind” and at a slightly reduced rate to make way for their new, larger replacements.

These images are:


Image name: Sanctuary

Image name: Territory×20-chromaluxe.jpg



Image name: Bad hair day

So, if you saw them and were undecided, or have been looking at some of the images on the website for some time but have yet to take the plunge, then now is the time to act before they are phased out forever!