The green light is here!

Ok everyone, so, you’ve been sitting around for what seems an eternity, watching and waiting for the “red” or “do not travel to” lists to finally get themselves sorted out and some semblance of reality to return to travel. Well…oh patient ones, your time has come! The news in the last week has been encouraging to say the least, and finally we are in a position to put some definition around the rest of 2021 and all of 2022.

Hallelujah! I hear you shout, and indeed, from a logistical perspective, it is – to say the least – a blessed relief. With the amount of assignment work I now have stacked up too, the prospect of another 12 months of dithering was simply going to be too much to have to cope with!

So, we’ll be contacting you all about your individual trips with updates and specific info by the end of next week. For those looking further ahead, we will also be – in the last week of October – be releasing some news about 2023 onwards and an exciting (we think) new partnership with regards to the travel. More on that anon, but for now, here’s a quick précis of where each trip stands.

Remember though – ultimately, things change. It is down to yourselves to take responsibility for making sure you comply with the necessary entry requirements for the country you are visiting, and also for returning home. If you need tests to get back, you MUST ensure you leave time for that at the end of your trip as it will not necessarily be possible to have that implemented “in lodge” in some locations. Do , do DO allow that extra time. Likewise, if you are going to join one of our adventures after coming from somewhere else, then you should be super-aware that your PCR test taken in your original country might have expired by the time you reach your final destination. We cannot keep abreast of all the tweaks and changes that do occur, so please consult your relevant government websites for advice.

OK, so, eyes down for a list of basic trip status:

Arviat: green light, see you there next month!

Ethiopia: watching brief: Although the FCDO has designated parts of the country as “ok to travel”, some are still being advised against. Our trip does touch on some of these areas. As such, for now, we maintaining this as “hold” and will take another look by December. If we need to postpone, we will give the chance for guests to move to 2023 or cancel entirely (or move to another trip of course).

Congo: green light; you will be sent up to date vaccine info (we have to keep the gorillas safe!) which is currently being formulated, next week. Your flights can now be booked as per the itinerary you already have, and once done we will push on with visa invitation letters. You will receive an email about this next week.

Baffin: green light; you will need an exemption from the Nunavut government, and the dates will change slightly because of reduced flight schedules.  Both of these will come directly to you from Arctic Kingdom.

Namibia: both departures, green light

Botswana: green light

Brazil: green light

Zimbabwe: watching brief. For now, there is a slightly hazy view on whether or not tourists will need to quarantine on arrival and we are seeking more clarification. However, given these 5 trips next year are not until late September, we don’t anticipate that any such situation would still prevail by then.

For Nakina, Kodiak and Katmai – these are all systems go, but of course have been postponed to 2023. The Yellowstone trip status will be advised of in early 2022 once accommodation options become open and we can see if we can get the spaces and times we require.