Nice to see you…to see you….etc!

Finally….the world of Zoom is about to disappear as quickly as it arrived on the scene and slowly, slowly, we are all creeping back out from behind our computer screens and into the light again. Thank goodness. Having not been a great fan of the digital conference medium (although it has been a saviour of course) in terms of giving presentations and talks, I cannot wait to get back out onto the public speak circuit again. Of course…whether the audiences think the same is another matter.

Times are always tight for giving presentations as workload dictates being away a lot of the time. Added to that, we’re even more concentrated in terms of available time in the next couple of  years as I play “catch-up” on delayed projects. However, whenever possible, I’ll be out and about to have a chat about life in the field and share some of the more – hopefully – amusing anecdotes from my career. As always, ALL club and association talk fees are donated to charity and there’s a full list of beneficiaries from all aspects of my work on the who we support page of this website.

So, if you’re thinking of your future programme for your club or association, then drop me a line as there’s only a few possibilities left for 2022 now. For corporate functions and after dinner speaking, please contact me separately to discuss.

Current club talks scheduled:


30 September: Basingstoke Camera Club

25 November: Chelmsford Camera Club

6 December: Harrogate Photographic Society

13 December: Guildford Travel Club


24 January: Pinner Camera Club

3 February: Sherborne Bradford Abbas Camera Club

14 March: Guildford Camera Club

12 April: Oxford Photographic Society