Special fundraiser: Remembering Wild Dogs

Ok, so as you all know, we make a large number of contributions to a variety of wildlife conservation charities to ensure that as many of the world’s wild places remain intact for as long as possible. It’s always been the mission behind my work, and continues to be a major driver.

With the upcoming launch of the “Remembering Wild Dogs” (the latest in the hugely successful charity-focused set of books) slated for the autumn, I was only too pleased to help out with the donation of an image for the book. Of course, wild dogs are possibly my favourite African predator, and after a couple of quick discussions with Margot Raggett, I have agreed to donate the limited edition image on this page (and also in the Eclectica gallery if you want a full screen version) to the cause too. Entitled “Monday again…” it really sums up the life of an adult wild dog with an ever-eager set of pups to look after. The bonding between these pack members is incredibly strong and is what sustains them through

Taken in Zimbabwe a couple of years ago, I had worked with this pack of dogs for over a month and as such was able to get into some incredible on-foot positions to capture their behaviour. It is one of my favourite ever dog images, and now it can be yours to own with the knowledge that 100% of the profits will be going to supporting the conservation of these predators in the wild

Monday again…

This image would normally be GBP995 to purchase and was to be launched in July (limited to a run of 25). However, to give the campaign a boost, I have decided to donate 5 of the images now so they can bundle them together with the book for – wait for – just GBP300!!!! So, you get a limited edition (36×24 or 30×20 inches, you can choose) PLUS a copy of the Remembering Wild Dogs book as soon as it is published. 

In reality, that’s worth well over GBP1,000….and is yours for just GBP300. Added to that, I’ve decided that when the first 5 have been sold, I will allow the remainder of the run (so another 20) to be sold the same way. Never again will something be such a bargain!

As such, I will NOT be making this image for normal purchase at this rate personally, so the only way to own it will be through the campaign and will be sold in tranches as required. All images will be signed and certified as usual. It’s a great way of owning a fine art image, limited edition, for a lot less than normal…and with a book thrown in!!!

Please note: this image is ONLY going to be available by ordering through the Kickstarter campaign. Once that closes, you can still order the same package (book + signed print) directly too – so just drop an email if you miss the deadline and we’ll hook that up for you so you can order it directly.

So…if you want a beautiful image for the wall – for you, the office or as a present – and a fantastic book to have on the shelf, it can be all yours for just GBP300.

To access the Kickstarter campaign, simply click through on the link below, or if you’re too late, contact me to set you in direct touch with the organisers instead.

I hope you can appreciate this one-off opportunity…and I sincerely hope that not just the first 5 go quickly, but all 25 are sold out as fast as possible.