On the road…again?

Well, here we all are….still sitting around twiddling our thumbs and looking thru’ old pictures whilst we await the opening of borders and relaxation of travel restrictions again. For me, it’s not even been possible to get overseas to work (let alone lead trips!) for the last 9 months and as such since my sojourn to Tanzania last October the delights of Ruaha and Selous, I have been office-bound. Whilst this has its benefits, in that I’ve caught up on a whole load of article writing at least, it is now getting a tad tedious and the projects I was meant to have been working on for the last two years continue to slide and the deadlines keep slipping further down the track. Luckily, publishers and programme makers are adopting a slightly more pragmatic approach to production at present, and as such, the pressure is not as intense as it would normally be when running late!

Still, I’m optimistic that the Autumn will see a gradual return to some familiar haunts, with others to follow as enter 2022. Hang in there everyone, I can’t even begin to think how disappointing it must have been for so many of you with regards to holidays and trips, but we’re all in the same boat and though that is little consolation, at least we’ll all be emerging from it together too 🙂

Trip updates

Ok, so we’ve been talking to each of you individually about the prospects for your trips this year as we’ve gone along, and also are now looking into 2022 too. As always, we are going to give your trips the best possible chance of taking place – not least because not everyone comes from the same country. At present, for example, those travelling from the UK are being the hardest hit in restrictions, whereas North America is able to get out and about with relative impunity. For ALL the trips we have been scheduled to run, we have managed to secure new dates for 2022 or even 2023 in some cases. A few have had to be governed by my own availability and hence kicked a bit further ahead, and for all the trips I was expected to be on personally, this will remain the case. If however, we can get your trip organised, but without me and instead one of my colleagues looking after you expertly instead, we will give you that option if it means it can run earlier. If I was not going to be on the trip anyway, then of course it’s not really an issue.

With postponements, there are one or two vacancies that naturally emerge as future plans clash and guests, sadly, cannot ultimately make the trip. At present, we don’t have a lot of those it has to be said, as pretty much everyone has simply relocated to a future date, but there are one or two here and there. None are guaranteed at this stage – some are still being considered – but if you are interested in any of the following , and have not already let me know, then drop me an email and if it becomes available, I’ll let you know straightaway.

Grizzlies of the Nakina – July 2023 – possible 1 or 2 spaces (this is to be confirmed and there is already a wait-list if you want to be added).

YellowstoneMay/June 2023 – 1 space

Botswana – triple site adventureJuly 2022 – 1 space

Brazil – Paradise in the PantanalSeptember 2022 – 1 space

As always, if there’s anything else you’re thinking about, let me know. We’ve not put up any group trips for 2023 at this stage as, inevitably, we are waiting to see what the remainder of 2021 delivers. However, if there are any destinations currently that you see that you think would be of interest, do flag it up so we can at least get you on the waiting list. Hang in there everyone!