It’s nice to chat…again!

Well, it’s nice to be back “on the road” of course taking pics and shooting video, but one of the other major plusses to have been gained in this post-Covid era has been to get out and about speaking to a “live” audience again.

Although Zoom has had some benefits, there’s nothing to beat being able to interact with an audience in person and as such I did have to decline all the offers to speak online in the last 20 months or so. However, since December, the doors of clubs, associations and halls have been creaking open once again, and I’ve had great fun getting back “on stage”, squeezing in a few talks in between trips since December. Apologies must go to Guildford Photographic Society, however, who were unluckily bumped because my trip to Congo needed to over-run slightly. I hope I can get back there soon instead.

Of course, I can’t speak for how the audience received any of them…but I’m sure if they were too bad, well, they wouldn’t be asking me back and the bookings would certainly dry up!

Speaking in person is always a bit of a lottery in terms of dates, as I’m away an awful lot (and at the moment, especially this year, more than ever), but I will always genuinely try and slot in a talk whenever I can and am in the country. As such, do ask…don’t be frightened!  Time is limited this year for sure, and next year there are some large swathes of unavailability (if that’s a word!), but do try.

Remember, all the fees on the night go to charity – and I have no preset amount in that regard. Indeed I leave it entirely to the discretion of the organisation I am speaking to. Donations can be made directly to the charities themselves (online or more commonly by giving me a cheque addressed to them), or via me if rules and regulations do not permit you to donate directly (as is the case with some clubs I know).

If you’d like to pop along to a talk, here’s some of those scheduled in the next 12 months or so. Most places will accept guests for a nominal fee, so why not pop along if you’re at a loose end? For enquiries about bookings for other dates…drop me a line!


  • 1 NovemberSherborne Bradford Abbas Camera Club
  • 5 DecemberPinner Camera Club
  • 13 DecemberOxford Photographic Society


  • 18 JanuaryField End Camera Club (West Ruislip)
  • 13 February – Epsom Camera Club
  • 25 AprilEastbourne Camera Club
  • 11 MayBasingstoke Camera Club
  • 15 MayPinner Camera Club and others; head judge for regional wildlife photo competition