Polar delights!

Polar delights!

As you’ll all know, working in the polar regions has been a major part of my career and to that end, in the last few years, sharing those destinations with many of you has been hugely enjoyable.

I therefore am delighted to announce that, with immediate effect, I shall be back working alongside Canada’s leading arctic experience company – Churchill Wild – to offer the full range of their polar trips.

For me, Churchill Wild has always had the most comprehensive infrastructure of any operator across the sub-arctic and I’ve used their lodges for my own projects – most recently for a month in March this year in fact – for over 12 years. Across the range of principal lodge locations, there’s a mixture of boreal forest and sub-arctic tundra providing a wealth of photographic options.

And the best bit? It’s all done on foot, so you have the chance to secure the type of ground-level footage and images that you’ve always been after.

How do I get on board?!

All of these trips will be under our new “Icons” banner (see the news here), but I am also in the early stages of organising something completely bespoke to take place in a couple of years’ time.

Churchill Wild offers an enormous array of differing trips, all geared for different reasons timeframes and seasons, and as such I will be able to help you navigate the multitude of offerings and pick the right trip for you based on expectation and desire. Perhaps I can even give you some ideas that you’d not thought of?!

We’ll start off by having a chat about what you want to see and take it from there. Whether it’s belugas, bears, wolves, moose, arctic fox or any number of other species I can work out with you what is the best time and best lodge for you to be at. Churchill Wild will take great care of you on the ground – including all the transport and flight arrangements – and we will include a full kit rental (for the cooler months!) as part of the package.

As with all “ICONS” trips, you’ll also receive a set of pre-departure notes from me and have the chance for a zoom chat to go over any questions or queries. For those that wish it, we can set some photographic goals for the trip too! On your return, I’ll be happy to talk through up to 30 of your pictures based on the latter, or just those that you’d like to share and have a chat about – from technique to processing – so that you get the most from the visit.

A great time to plan

All Churchill Wild pricing is in Canadian dollars, and as such with the relative weakness of that currency at present, it’s the perfect time to maximise your bookings. We will bill you in Canadian dollars also, so that removes the vagaries of currency fluctuation and the need to set a higher sterling price. This means we can keep the price down and increase your chances of being able to go!

Added to that…for the first 12 months of operating (trips up to and including the end of 2025), I’m going to be offering everyone a 5% discount on the published price. So that’s advice on the exact trip you should book, pre-trip notes on what to expect and what to shoot, a Zoom chat about what to expect and a chance to answer any last-minute pre-trip questions, post-trip photo diagnostics and a 5% discount on the price you’d pay elsewhere. Not a bad start!

With Svalbard seemingly set to issue new regulations that mean the closest that you will get to polar bears is potentially 300 metres (and perhaps as much as 500 metres!), then for photographers to secure those competition-winning and memorable images moving forward, the number of locations for polar bears seems to be getting increasingly limited.

Start the discussion: Check out the range of arctic-based safaris by clicking here and visiting the Churchill Wild website .

Once you’ve had the chance to get a feel for the range of options on offer, drop me a line and we can take things from there. I can ensure that way you get the right type of trip based on what you are looking to shoot!