Life and Death in the Southern Serengeti

I thought it was about time for a new video, so here’s a very select collection of images and footage from my trip to the Kusini area of the Southern Serengeti back in January this year. Far from the crowds of Ndutu, the Kusini area is prolific for predator/prey interaction in the first few months of the year as calving takes place and cheetah, lion and hyena get their chance to feast.

So, for my ongoing project of documenting all aspects of East Africa’s Great Migration, the mobile camp of Alex Walker’s Serian once more provided the perfect stage for me to work from. It was an incredible few weeks…full of drama…and a little snippet of that is captured here. So…turn up the sound, enjoy the music and transport yourself to the fertile plains of Tanzania’s jewel in the crown. One note…there is a warning about graphic content….and it’s not to be ignored. If you are of a nervous or delicate disposition, then please do not watch. I have shown only a fraction of the images and footage I could have in that regard…but even with enormous amounts of self-censorship, it is still not for the faint-hearted.

Take care out there guys…