Glorious Gabon…

It’s been a bit of wait, and I’d hoped it would be ready by the end of November, but although we’ve missed that deadline as we trickle into the first few days of December, I’m pretty excited to be finally putting the options for my guided trips to Gabon in 2025. Next year (’24), I’ll be working there for a few weeks on some specifics for my book, but in ’25 I will be able to take two groups of four people on back-to-back trips to this hugely exciting destination.

Some of the most complicated parts of working in Central Africa revolve around rain and logistics. In terms of the former, seasons dictate the movement and location of key wildlife species that I’d want you to have the chance to see (remember, we can load the dice…but nature rolls them), and to give you the best spread of options therefore is a challenge. However, I think we’ve got an itinerary that gives you the best potential to live out a truly epic Central African adventure in one of the continent’s most alluring destinations. The trip is designed to maximise your time in the field and will take in two key locations: Loango and Lope National Parks.


We will be working in late Feb and early March 2025. This time of year gives you the chance to trek lowland gorillas (twice in small groups of maximum 4 people), see forest elephants on the beach and perhaps hippos in the surf, red river hogs, giant forest hogs, congo buffalo, an array of primates and countless more other species.  It is truly the best balance of time and opportunity. This trip will run in 2025 and 2026.

Last chance

Come fly with me…

Because of the work I’m doing out there presently, I’ve managed to get permission from the authorities to allow guests travelling with me (or on the independent version) to fly a drone within the national parks. This is normally HUGELY restricted, and the preserve of professionals, but having negotiated on your behalf, I have managed to open the chance for you to secure a drone permit and a daily opportunity to fly. One thing to bear in mind though…there is an extra charge for the permit and paperwork, so please consider that before jumping in. If you’re keen, let me know when you book and I’ll get the price updated for you. It’s likely to be around GBP100/day and will be monitored. However, a few days of flying should be enough to get you sufficient aerial coverage.

You know the ‘Drill

I’m also going to give another option for this trip, and that is to set-up an independent departure at a different time of the year too. This will be non- photo-guided by me but we can put on a Central African specialist guide for you – one I have worked with all over Congo and the CAR – who will ensure everything runs super-smoothly. You will of course benefit from using the Gabon-based guides I am working with too. The reason for offering this trip is to make it Mandrill-based. These blue-faced primates can come together in large numbers in July every year (for mating), and as such if seeing these apes is the top priority for you, then I can set that up for you.

We will of course have a chance to see them on the trips I’m leading, but not in the same quantity as July. However, I would stress, that the July offering is very much built around you seeking the Mandrills and tracking them. If it’s a more generalised photo experience you are after, then the guided option remains the best bet. This independent trip has relative flexibility, but will take place in July. If you are super-keen, then it might even be possible to get you there in 2024 (July), but otherwise it’s July ’25. As with all these things…if you’ve got a group (2, 3 or 4) then I can fix it so that you have private vehicles/boats etc and it will be beneficial for you in terms of cost. This trip can be flexible in length, but I will give you personal advice on how long you will want to spend in the locations we have access to in order to maximise your chances.

If you’re interested in a private trip, simply send me an email.

So, Gabon it is: one of the most exciting destinations on the whole continent…and one that few get the chance to experience the way you will be able to. See you there?!