Covid-19…what a mess eh?

Hi everyone – well, I guess it makes sense to make a sort of, well, “statement” on all things Corona-related. For any of you that have been, or are being, affected in any way whatsoever, you have my heartfelt sympathies. I hope that you all come through this very difficult period unscathed in all senses.

Now, with my “official” hat on, here’s a few duller-than-usual bullet points to help underline the current state of play and answer, I hope, some of the questions you may….

  1. As we stand today, I will not be going to Baffin this month (March) as Canada has shut its borders. Thank you Canada for being completely Trump-esque, hey ho….what a palaver…
  2. All of our 2020 trips are currently fully ON. There is no change in this regard. Even Yellowstone, which is two months away, is unaffected at this stage. The Parks service is in touch with us regularly (and us them), and there is no reason to suggest anything other than normal service.
  3. Our Nakina bear trips in July/August are unaffected (on the assumption Mr Trudeau lifts his ban!). I can’t see any reason though why it will go on that long at all. We will keep watch on that, but otherwise assume all is normal.
  4. All other trips – which are from September onwards – remain unaffected.
  5. All 2021 is, of course, unchanged.
  6. As we always say – check your INSURANCE. We will not cancel trips unless instructed to do so by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and as such if you opt to unilaterally withdraw then you need to make sure your insurance will cover you for a refund. As a guide, if the FCO DOES advise against all travel, then your insurers will 100% have to pay out. If , however, that situation does not arise, and you pull out early, then you may not be covered. For your own peace of mind, do check…
  7. Talks at Guildford Travel Club, the RAC Club and potentially Dorking Camera Club are all postponed at the moment. A new date for the RAC has already been allotted, and the others will be re-arranged as soon as possible.
  8. My exhibition in London during the month of May is also highly likely to be rescheduled for later in the year or early 2021. Having said that, the images will make it to the gallery pages in the next two weeks, so keep an eye out.
  9. We will have a stand at the newly-re-arranged Photography Show from 19-22 September…and your entrance code for tickets is still valid (ASPTPS20). If you already bought a ticket, you will certainly be able to use it again then (please contact the organisers to confirm though). Although I will be in Africa at that time, Carrie will be on hand at the NEC.
  10. Finally, I will still be exhibiting at Hampton Court Flower Show in July on the assumption that gatherings are no longer banned/advised against/frowned upon/etc etc

It’s a weird, weird time people…but hang in there. It’ll soon pass and we’ll all look back on it and wonder what on earth it was all about…..