All the World’s a stage…

All the World’s a stage…

Amidst all this virus action…some good news (well, I think it’s good news anyway!). As I’ve always said in this game, leading photo trips is something, in the Shakespearean sense, to be considered to be the 6th age of man in terms of a career. On the basis I’ve now embraced that extra level of responsibility (and I realise that those that travel with me might not think “responsible” is the best adjective for yours truly 🙂 ….but don’t let anyone new be put off by that…!), then that leaves just one more age to go. Not surprisingly, as ol’ bald Will of Stratford once said, “no. 7” soon follows…and for me, that has always meant “authoring books”. Yep, believe it or not, rather than just be content in supplying for other publishers and their coffee-table muses, I will be pulling together a bunch of titles of my own (five in a three year period) that are essentially going to my Opuses (it might not be the right plural…but it’s better than Opus-i).

As such, over the next few months you will see a cluster of announcements of books that will be released from December 2021 through to December 2023. All have been in the planning for, well, a lifetime, and I’m greatly looking forward to delivering the visions I’d always had.

With that in mind then, here’s a link to the info’ about number one…Ursus: a life with bears. For those that have stoically sat through a bear talk by me at some point, you will know my affinity for these lumbering giants…and as such, I hope you will find it something worth waiting for. Of course, if nothing else, the paper might come in handy 🙂

More to follow anon, but in these dismal days of all things Corona (ironic that such a sunny word is used for such a dark period of our lives)…well, perhaps it’s nice to have something (however insignificant) to look forward to. As always, a proportion of all book sales will go back to the charities I support.


“one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages”