Spaces and Places…

With a lower number of trips being led by me in the next few years, it goes without saying that the availability of spaces on trips is much reduced as we move forwards. “Hooray” I hear you shout hahaha! But, in all seriousness, if, heaven forbid, you have decided you wish to be photo-guided by me on trips going forward, you will see that each year will contain just three destinations that I will personally be able to be at. This keeps it a possibility for you to join me, to plan ahead and select your trips, and also for me to be able to keep on top of all the project work I am currently involved in – knowing that means I can always make sure the trips are factored into my schedule.

Of course, you can take advantage of the “bespoke” option too which will open up all the destinations I have worked at, or still currently work in, using my network of guides and accommodation to ensure you get the best photo experience possible. Always drop me a line to see if we can help before committing to your adventure!

2024…just a few spots left

So, in 2024, I shall be in Baffin (two departures, full), Zimbabwe (likewise) and the Pantanal (one trip full, one trip with spaces). In the case of the latter, there are currently three (at the time of writing) spots available in this jaguar-laden watery wonderland where I’ll be taking a total of two groups of six people each.

To be honest, I thought that 2022 was going to be the last visit there with groups, for as much as I love the region, I had been leading people there for about seven years in total, and working there for many more than that on projects of my own. However, having been brought out of self-imposed Pantanal-retirement by one group next year who wanted to experience the area, I have decided to open up a second group and give some other people the chance to join me. I have to admit….I can’t wait to get back there! But this time, for sure, I’ll be calling it a day after next year’s trips.

At present, therefore, there are three spaces available on the extra trip I’ve set up, all of which have a “possible” taker. However, as with all trips, it’s first come, first served, so if you’ve always wanted to go and experience the area, let me know so I can get you on the trip. The full itinerary is available by clicking here, but think jaguars, ocelots, giant river otters and a whole lot more, all experienced in the most conducive photographic environment possible.

Have you been thinking of Zimbabwe? Well, unfortunately, both trips I have scheduled for there in 2024 are full, but a waitlist is available to join if you’d like to hang in there for a cancellation. Drop me an email and I’ll let you know if things change. Alternatively, and as I have this year and last year, let me put together the itinerary for you and personalise it. You might not have a photo-guide as a result, but you can be with the same guides, same camps and – most importantly – doing it the same way as I would be if you were travelling with me.

Moving into 2025…

As we head into the following year, it will be Yellowstone in the Springtime (already full I’m afraid, but a trip that will run again in 2026 in case you missed the chance to get onto the ’25 one); Central Africa (Gabon/Congo) and Alaska.

Grizzlies of the Wild Frontier

After a very successful trip there for myself (and the book I’m working on) earlier this year, I am delighted to have agreed a couple of dedicated grizzly departures based out of Iliamna in Alaska. Our trip will be geared primarily at those wanting to do the full 12 nights and really immerse themselves in this bear-filled part of the country, but single week options (5 nights) will also be possibly available. Full details can be had by clicking here. This is an exciting time to be there – post-den, but pre-salmon when bears are socialising, cubs are out for the first time, and mating, sparring and clamming are all key activities. We will fly to different locations every day in our efforts to capture the bears going about their daily lives and will have complete flexibility to move around based on weather and activity. This is a really special trip for sure.

The Dark Heart Safaris

I’m delighted to let you know that I have been – and continue to do so – working with Kambaafrica (formerly, the Congo Conservation Company) not only with their relaunched website, but also in terms of consulting and designing dedicated photographic safaris in Congo. Some of you have already experienced the early versions of these, but moving forward we will be heading for a dedicated “Photo Month” (probably around Oct/Nov) where we will gear everything to the needs of the photographer.

In the meantime, if you’ve not had the chance to see it yet – check out my article in the September issue of BBC Wildlife magazine about the magical lowland gorillas of this forest paradise (a preview of the opening pages shown here…)

In terms of Gabon then, yes, it unfortunately has hit the headlines for the wrong reasons in the last week, but the country is traditionally very stable and everyone I speak with there is confident that the current situation will blow over very quickly. The trip is still going to be organised and will likely be around March 2025, involving a combination of Lekedi and Loango National Parks. I am still finalising details, but as have said in previous despatches, we will it all lined up around November this year and I will then start contacting those who have expressed an interest. If you wish to be added to that list, please send me an email.

Other guided options

Of course, we are continuing to offer group trip options with Danny Crous too, and there will always be 2-3 of those on the agenda each year. These have all been designed and set up by either me alone or in consultation with Danny directly, to ensure we combine our experience to give you the best options across Southern Africa in particular.

In 2024, we already have a group sold out that is going to the Kalahari, for example, and there are some spaces on a different, and equally fantastic, Botswana adventure too taking in Savute, Moremi and some less-explored parts of the Delta. All the details for these trips are on the guided trips pages on the website.

As with all….an email to me first gets the ball rolling!