Something for the wall?

Limited editions remain one of the main things I do of course, and I’d like to thank everyone who has purchased one (or more in some cases) in the last 12 months for their support and appreciation. As I’ve been talking about changes coming to the galleries in the last couple of newsletters, I’m delighted to finally say that they’ve been executed and there are 17 new images that have now just been released. Most are restricted to 15, and some have already (because of pre-orders) sold their “number 1’s”, but otherwise they are all ready and waiting to adorn the walls of your home, office, restaurant, hotel or, well, wherever you feel they fit.

For me, it’s always exciting to release a new batch of images, although it is always tinged with an element of sadness as so many others drop out of the reckoning having completed their runs and sold their last copy. To that end, there are a bunch of images all of which have either one, two or just the artist proof left available to purchase, and so I’ve collated all those into a “Final Call” gallery, which you can view by clicking here. For prices and availability of these final few, contact me directly.

Rush hour: a new limited edition.

New Releases!

The latest batch I’ve released are, in general, larger pieces as that is how most of my work is designed to be seen. As I’d mentioned before, the smallest size moving forward is 36 x 24 inches, and most will exceed that. These are statement pieces of art – something to grab the attention and provide a true sense of escapism. The world in which I’m fortunate enough to work is full of grandeur and spectacle, and deserves a spectacular stage. I hope you agree. This is also the biggest single release of images I’ve undertaken for about seven years as I’ve been waiting for the chance to do a much larger refresh once a lot of others had completed their runs, and as such some of these images have been waiting patiently for their moment in the spotlight.

You can take a look at the images that are newly available by clicking here. For some there will be an “unframed” option too (giclee prints), paricularly for overseas shipping. Orders received within the week will be just about ready to ship before Christmas, or else we’re looking at the end of January 2024. Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me directly!.