New Beginnings: Ruaha and Selous

Happy New Year everyone! Ok, so for the most part, the majority of you reading this will be staring out the window and enduring another lockdown…so I hope that it will at least provide you with a bit of escapism. I’ve put a few images and a little bit of video together that we took in Ruaha National Park and the Selous last October when, essentially, it was like having Tanzania to oneself. At both locations I was a guest of Asilia Africa, and I would like to thank them for their excellent hosting, guiding and support throughout the entire trip. Ruaha and Selous offer very different dynamics to the “usual” Tanzania experience; the diversity of wildlife – large and small and of all phyla – is second to none; the scenery in both locations is spectacular and at the end of the dry season – which is when I timed the trip – the lion activity in particular can be hugely rewarding. If you want to experience these great places for yourself, drop me a line and we’ll get you set up for the adventure of a lifetime and one that far, far fewer photographers will take. In the meantime, turn up the sound and enjoy!