If a picture….

t’s been a busy start to the year as a couple of my longer-running editions have sold their last editions, and will shortly be vacating the website as a result (farewell old friends!), and a new set of images will be taking their place (see the end of this story).

At present, because of travel, I have had to shelve plans to be exhibiting any collections in person during 2023. Having said that, I am in discussions with a couple of outlets to run some imagery in the summer, but as we sit here today, it’s still being sorted out and as such I’m not 100% that will happen. However, if it does, for sure I’ll be letting you know.

There have been some large-scale corporate orders at the start of this year too: namely two big-sized, one-offs for a lodge in Alaska (grizzlies…), and a set of 12 large-sized images for a lodge in Canada and a new boutique hotel in Churchill, Manitoba. These are currently in the mix, and once they are finally ready for dispatch, I will put them on the site in a separate gallery, as prints of the images will be available (runs will be up to 100 as part of a strict agreement between myself, the hotel and the lodge). I expect those to be completed by the end of March.

So, the three new images that I’m releasing today (they will be in the galleries online by end of April), in case you’re one of those looking for something new for the wall…whoever’s and wherever it may be! Feel free to drop me a line to discuss these or any others and for more information on lead times and delivery.

PRINCE: Mahale Mountains, Tanzania. Chromaluxe process on powder-coated aluminium; 36 x 24 inches, limited edition run of 25.


MUM KNOWS BEST: Serengeti, Tanzania; Fine art giclee, floated, framed and deckle edged paper; 36 x 24 inches plus frame; limited edition run of 25.

DOMINION: Serengeti, Tanzania. Fine art giclee, floated, framed and deckle edged paper; 40 x 23 inches plus frame; limited edition run of 10.