Gallery updates….coming in October

It’s that time of year when a thorough assessment of available limited editions is taken, and decisions made on what is to be released. I’d hoped to get this done before heading to Alaska, but time has conspired against me and with feedback still needed from a couple of sources, the task will now be completed in the first week of October. Make sure you tune back in the middle of that month!

As a guide, around 9 of the images still on display are now sold out (sorry! just haven’t removed them yet), and 12 of the images currently in the galleries have less than 3 copies left and as such these are all going to be migrated to a new “Final Call” gallery. If there is something that you have had your eyes on, it’s time to enquire just in case!

Normally, I’ve been pretty good at deleting the ones that have sold out, but in the last year it’s been so hectic in orders, that I’ve essentially just fallen behind! Be prepared therefore for images you may have enjoyed for a while to disappear from view completely, or move galleries.

There will also be a new gallery – the Churchill Collection – which is being launched in conjunction with my friends at Churchill Wild. The latter have bought 16 separate images for their new, exciting hotel in Churchill and I am privileged to be the photographer chosen to adorn its walls with this collection. I have decided that each image will be released in a run of 250, in partnership with them (they own all the numbers 1’s unfortunately!), and as such will be available to order. More on this in October!

Other developments will see 11 new images released for the first time, replacing those that are sold out, and 6 more to offset those that have only 1 or 2 to go. Finally, a new landscape gallery – with a special twist – will be coming on line for the first time too….again….watch this space next month for more details!