A little bit of news and stuff

So, if you’ve made it here you’re either:

a. bored

b. desperate

c. lucky

d. in receipt of a link from the newsletter

Whichever it is…welcome! Just a couple of bits of news for you here, summarised very quickly on one easy to swallow page 🙂


Ok, so the tech is (just about) working, and as such I thought I’d hold a free-to-air zoom chat about composition and the notion of “challenging the norm”. I don’t know who Norm is…but wherever I’ve gone in my career, I feel I’ve been up against him and trying to outwit him. Perhaps you’d like some ideas and tactics too? This will be a 40 minute discussion, with some (hopefully!) thought provoking ideas on story-telling with a single image, ways to approach a scene that perhaps you might not think of automatically, and how to frame and create something that, well, others won’t see. This is what stands you out as a photographer – the ability to read, interpret and then produce something that YOU have spotted. It’s not going to be formal, but I will have to limit the numbers a bit so that if we have some q&a, we’ve got the chance to make it work. If you want to be part of it (and I know some of you have already let me know…sorry…can you ping me an email?), then drop me a quick email so I can send you the link. It’s not about lots of people of course, so if demand is too high, then I’ll endeavour to hold a second one the following week. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it…else I’ll be chatting to a blank screen 🙂 Even if only one of you wants to take part, I’ll be more than happy to help.


As a whole new batch of pictures have been released (see the galleries) and some more are lined up, then it’s time to clear out some of the remains of some of the limited editions that are sitting in the galleries. If there is something that takes your fancy, and you feel like a bit of new art, then drop me a line. I’m going to be offering 20% off the normal prices as galleries elsewhere have allowed me to do some selling off (the problem with having both of my month-long exhibitions cancelled this year…sigh…). In this time of difficulty for those custodians of the wildlife we so enjoy photographing, then I’m also going to donate 50% of every sale to the charities we support. Some pictures are not online as they are in the last 1 or 2, so have dropped off a while ago – so do ask if there’s something you are particularly looking for. Likewise, not everything on the website is included in this of course – but drop me a line and I’ll advise accordingly.