Who We Support

Preservation not exploitation

My photography is all about giving something back; back to the world which enables me such privileged access and memorable experiences. As a result, 50% of all the net profits we make from the sale of limited editions are donated to one of the world’s leading and most focused wildlife charities – the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF). Lean on administration, and heavy on action, this collection of devotees plays a leading global role in wildlife protection and conservation. Buying a piece of the wild for your home or office wall goes a long way to securing the future of endangered species, and the ecosystems that support them.

When you look at DSWF, you see a small, effective charity funding key projects in Africa and Asia working to save endangered mammals in the wild and working with the communities who share their habitat to find long-term, sustainable conservation solutions. Founded by wildlife artist and conservationist, David Shepherd CBE in 1984, the Foundation’s key species are elephants, rhino, tigers, snow leopards and painted dogs. DSWF is the charity behind the successful social media TigerTime campaign which is raising awareness and funds for tiger conservation in Thailand, Russia and India and campaigning to end the trade in tigers from all sources.

You can find out more at: www.davidshepherd.org  and www.tigertime.info

The Foundation is based in the UK at the DSWF Gallery and Office, 7 Kings Road, Shalford, Surrey GU4 8JU. It is charity registered in the UK number: 1106893

50% of limited edition print sale profits
are donated to one of the world’s leading and most focused wildlife charities