Talking and Stalking…

The first few months of the year were busy for speaking engagements, and I have a number of talks lined up in the second half of 2019 (and into 2020), so if you’re in the relevant area, then do feel free to contact the hosts directly (or myself and I’ll put you in touch) if you would like to come along and listen…I promise I won’t bore you that much 😉 In date order, I will be speaking at:

  • 8thOctober, Hampstead Camera Club, London
  • 12thOctober, Wildlife & Safari Show, Harrogate, Yorkshire
  • 19thNovember, Maidenhead Camera Club, Berkshire
  • 7thDecember, Globetrotters Travel Club, Covent Garden, London
  • 9thDecember, Reigate Photographic Society, Surrey
  • 9thJanuary, Tanridge Photographic Society, Kent
  • 17thFebruary, Harrogate Photographic Society, Yorkshire
  • 20thFebruary, Tonbridge Photographic Society, Kent
  • 15thMarch, The Photography Show, NEC Birmingham (TBC)
  • 17thMarch, Guildford Travel Club, Surrey

If you would like to enquire as to a club or society talk, please drop me a line. For private events and after dinner speaking, then please note I am now taking the last few bookings for Christmas 2019 and have opened the 2020 booking roster also.

2021…a long way off…but….

I can scarcely believe that I’m letting the first info’ out about 2021’s guided photo adventures, but in much the same way as contract work is always planned up to three years ahead, so it seems the trips we are running are going the same way. With 2019 and 2020 selling out so quickly, it seems about the right time (around 18 months out) to at least get the names out there of where we will be siting our trips. I will also be working with two excellent photographers, experienced not just in photo-leading and tours, but also in wildlife and making a career out of photography independently, to help ensure that we can keep increasing the options for budding wildlife photographers to get out there and hone their skills. As ever, all destinations and trips will have been personally vetted by me as locations, and therefore are places I go to shoot when on assignment. It appears that our approach in this regard has really struck a chord with people….and of course, we’re not in the big business for travel either. The goal is always to donate to the charities we support, and as such we can keep the costs competitive despite offering a superior, uncrowded experience. I have been proud of the way this idea has taken hold, and my intention is to keep supplying you with the chance to experience the same conditions as I would with, hopefully, the same results…or better! So, enough chit-chat, where are we headed? Trips that will be on offer will include:

Ethiopia; Tanzania; Western Zambia; Kodiak Island; The Congo and Central African Republic; Brazil (Pantanal and the Cerrado); Yellowstone & The Tetons; Great Bear Rainforest; Fall in Algonquin; North West Namibia; Botswana; Zimbabwe; Baffin Island; Arviat (polar bears)

I’m not giving much away in terms of detail at the moment as we make that available to the wait-list first (plus…we are trying to avoid seeing our trips attempting to be emulated elsewhere!) If you don’t think you’re on a wait-list (i.e. you have enquired before or have travelled with me) and would like to be on the first release when the full info is out (early August), then send me an email.

In addition, we have flexible, mould-able itineraries for puma photography in Chile; intense ape-focused trips in Uganda; and specialist tours to see red pandas or snow leopards, harpy eagles, maned wolves and even user-friendly black bears amongst others.

Although all these tours are based on where I would go, they are unguided (apart from using the local guides as I would) and therefore benefit from being cheaper if a group of you travel. As with everything, enquire first, so we can shape something for you and let you see some of the testimonials we have had for organizing such adventures.